Review of Disney’s New “Animated” App

I’ve always hoped to see Disney make an app with a subscription-less service giving me access to their world of imagination at any time. A world that doesn’t belong to me any longer, but to my 4 year old son.

Introducing Disney’s latest app, Animated for the iPad, released on August 8th and just a mere $13.99.

We’re absolutely spellbound by this all-star collaboration between Disney and acclaimed app develop Touch Press. From 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to today’s animated hits, this unique retrospective presents the studio’s 90-year history with interactive character models and storyboards, insights into animation techniques, and a mind-blowing spectrogram that visualizes every cel of all 53 feature films. – Apple Store Editors’ Notes

After gritting my teeth about the high cost of the app and amount of space required, I reminded myself how my younger self would kick me right in the ass and call me a tight-wad for not considering to purchase this app. After all, it’s not ever day that you get the have 75 years of movies and 10 million hours of Disney’s work in the palm of your hands.



The app is simply beautiful. It begins like a Disney movie and doesn’t kill any mother’s in the process either. Definitely the best integration I’ve ever seen of text, images, and video all wrapped into one user interface. The timeline is the key feature but you may find most of you time going to the workshop where you can do you own animation with Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It-Ralph.


One thing better would be to have a timeline that allows you to watch the full movies.

My next plans are to take my 4 year old through the app and start from the beginning and work our way forward while watching the movies. This could take awhile… but I can’t think of anything more fun.

I will always be hungry for the inspiration that only Disney gives through their mastery of character development and content distribution.

We seek to estimate the future and its bearing on our existence, as well as dwelling fondly on the past or indulging in escapist dreams. – Walt Disney

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